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This app will calm you down & put you to sleep.

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Hi, Welcome to Go In Meditations

Using practical, evidence-based meditation techniques, Go In Meditations offers people tools to calm the mind & body, fall & stay asleep, & manage pain. 

The app that will help you navigate your inner world.

Calm anxiety, fall asleep & manage pain.

Go In will help you


Calm Anxiety


Fall Asleep


Manage Pain & Tension

What People Say

I would often find myself lying awake in the middle of th night with an anxious mind and restless body, unable to fall back asleep...Go In meditations helped quiet my mind and bring my nervous system back into balance,  allowing me to east back into a restful sleep.

Laura, CA

You will learn key skills 


The ability to focus attention is key to wellbeing. Most people have a hard time focusing and this causes all sorts of challenges.  Go In will help you train your attention and improve your ability to focus.


Learning to activate your relaxation response is a core component of our philosophy.  Using evidence-based techniques, you will learn to cativate your relaxation resonse & calm down.


Sleep is the foundation of health, both physical and mental, and most people today are not getting enough.


For those experienced meditators, we have meditations for more advanced and complex inner explorations using different kinds of focused attention.

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